Tree Removal

DSC_1157_5387_1w_WEB_4X7_Trees are beautiful, but sometimes they can damage your property, prevent your other plants from growing and pose serious risks to you and your family’s safety.

When you think a tree might be dead, decaying, or has sustained too much damage to recover properly, its time to call the Tree Doctor.

Our team understands that it is not always an easy decision to have a tree removed, especially if it has been a cherished part of your landscape for many years. We will provide an honest, professional recommendation as to whether the tree (or trees) should be removed.

Sometimes, the roots of a tree can damage your driveway, your home’s foundation or even your underground utilities. Trees can also completely block sunlight from large areas, which can affect your ability to grow other landscape plants. They can disrupt your plans for putting in a pool, adding on to your home, and countless other construction projects.

DSC_4536_4875_1w_2_WEB_8X12_The Tree Doctor understands that trees on your property should enhance your home life, not stifle it. We have the experience and equipment needed to remove any tree, any size. Our equipment is specifically manufactured to leave no imprints on your lawn. We will always leave your property in great shape as if we were never there.