Stump Grinding

tree_stump1,1280x848Bringing down a tree and fully removing a tree’s stump are two separate but equally important factors in the tree removal process.

Stump removal requires different skills and tools than removal of the above-ground portion of the tree. Luckily, the Tree Doctor has the skills, experience and tools to remove trees and their stumps. It is important to make sure that who ever is going to remove a tree from your property is also able to remove the stump. Besides just being an unsightly reminder of the tree that was once there, stumps can actually cause ongoing problem with future landscaping and development.

Lingering tree stumps are ideal homes for certain pests, like termites. Termites will slowly invade an old stump, and if left unchecked, can start colonizing other trees and buildings (like your home). These wood-loving pests can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your property. In addition to termites, old stumps can also attract other unpleasant pests like roaches and wasps. They can also allow damaging fungus to thrive and hurt your other landscape plants. A stump’s old root system can continue to grow after the tree has come down, and cause major problems for your lawn in the future. When the Tree Doctor removes a stump, they grind up the entire root system and level the property, so that you never have think about the stump again.