Storm Cleanup

Every now and then, the CSRA is touched by extreme weather – severe thunderstorms, snowstorms, tornadoes and even earthquakes.


The aftermath of such weather usually includes fallen trees, and sometimes lots of them. Fallen trees can cause dangerous roadway obstructions, structural damage and can even prevent you from safely exiting your driveway.

Storms can also leave a very unsightly mess on your property. When the CSRA was hit with extreme weather this past winter, the Tree Doctor was there to help. We helped get numerous properties back on track towards their former beauty, and helped restore a sense of safety to several homeowners.

stormdamageIt would be great if Mother Nature never caused destruction in the CSRA again, but realistically, we need to be prepared for the next time she does. If your property does suffer storm damage in the future, now you know that you can call the Tree Doctor to set things back in order.