Clearing and Grading

New_house,1163x792Whether you are ready to start building the house of your dreams, or begin construction on a new business location, the Tree Doctor can get your land ready for development.

Not only can we clear your property, but we can also grade and level it. Tom Gandy, the owner of Tree Doctor, has lived in the CSRA for most of his life, and truly understands the land. He has the skills, experience and tools to handle all of the challenges that are unique to the local terrain.

It is extremely important for land to be properly cleared, graded and leveled before starting any kind of construction. Once building begins, it much more difficult and costly to reshape the land underneath. The Tree Doctor works with the natural flow of the land, to insure proper drainage and to establish an ideal level. If these details are not considered during the clearing/grading process, your land could be subject to water erosion, which can be extremely damaging to your landscape.